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Donna Brown
Office Administrator
306.559.9000 Regina Operations & Administrative
Sherry Comte
Executive Assistant
306.559.9003 Regina Sales & Leasing
Aimee Fleming
Administration Coordinator
306.559.9005 Regina Marketing, Research
Dale Griesser
President & Broker
306.559.9001 Regina Capital Markets Group, Office
Art Ingleby
Commercial Sales & Leasing
306.559.9006 Regina Office Leasing
Steve Jordan
Commercial Sales & Leasing
306.559.9012 Regina Industrial, Retail
Garry Oledzki
Commercial Sales & Leasing
306.559.9008 Regina
Jeremy Schick
Administration Manager, Sales & Leasing
306.559.9004 Regina Operations & Administrative, Associations and Nonprofits
Doug Toth
Commercial Sales & Leasing
306.559.9010 Regina Office
Joe Trudelle
Associate Broker, Commercial Sales & Leasing
306.559.9007 Regina Office Leasing, Retail, Associations and Nonprofits
Nick Turanich
Associate Broker, Commercial Sales & Leasing
306.559.9009 Regina Health Care, Industrial, Asset Management