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Andrea Callegari
Senior Consultant
705.333.3374 Toronto North Consulting & Advisory, Valuation Advisory Services
Baljinder Bedi
Project Coordinator
905.283.2371 Toronto West Construction Management, Project Management
Thomas A. Bollum
Broker, Retail Group
905.283.2338 Toronto West Retail, Sales & Leasing
Sarah Campbell
Client Services Coordinator
905.283.2383 Toronto West Operations & Administrative
Norman A. Arychuk
Mortgage Broker, Debt Capital Markets Group
416.673.4006 Toronto Capital Markets Group, Consulting & Advisory, Mortgage Services
Kevin Beaudry
Sales Representative, Principal
905.283.2327 Toronto West Consulting & Advisory, Industrial, Office Leasing
Andrew Boyd
Sales Representative, Principal
416.673.4052 Toronto Office Leasing
Charmaine Brooks
Sales Representative, Client Services Coordinator
905.283.2385 Toronto West Industrial, Land, Operations & Administrative
Kelly Avison
Principal, Broker
416.673.4030 Toronto Capital Markets Group, Investment, Retail
Christopher John Brown
Sales Representative, Principal
416.673.4008 Toronto Industrial, Office Leasing, Retail
Noah C. Avison
Principal, Sales Representative
416.673.4033 Toronto Office Leasing
Eric Berard
Senior Associate, Sales Representative
647.788.4073 Toronto Retail, Sales & Leasing
Bruce Armstrong
Senior Vice President, Sales Representative
416.673.4050 Toronto Office Leasing, Tenant Representation
Mike Brouwer
Sales Representative, Senior Associate
416.673.4044 Toronto Office Leasing
Mark Avison
Vice President, Sales Representative
905.968.8009 Toronto North Industrial, Office Leasing, Sales & Leasing
Anatasia Bemaul
Client Services Coordinator
905.283.2386 Toronto West Operations & Administrative
Kristina Armstrong
Senior Valuation Consultant
905.968.8036 Toronto North Consulting & Advisory, Valuation Advisory Services
Bill Argeropoulos
Principal & Practice Leader, Research, Canada
416.673.4029 Toronto Consulting & Advisory, Corporate, Research
Colin Bell
Sales Representative, Senior Associate
905.283.2335 Toronto West Office Leasing, Associations and Nonprofits
Patrick Campbell
Sales Representative, Principal, Vice President
905.283.2345 Toronto West Office Leasing, Sales & Leasing
Kyle Albert
Sales Representative, Senior Associate
905.968.8029 Toronto North Office Leasing
Brett Armstrong
Sales Representative, Principal
416.673.4041 Toronto Office Leasing, Sales & Leasing
Tanya Arsenault
Marketing Coordinator
416.673.4014 Toronto Marketing
Robert Armstrong
Sales Representative, Principal, Practice Leader
416.673.4024 Toronto Office Leasing
Jordan Boin
Sales Representative, Associate
905.283.2372 Toronto West Industrial
Bilal Asaf
647.252.4092 Toronto Investment Management
Joe Almeida
Managing Director, Toronto West, Broker, Principal
905.283.2322 Toronto West Industrial, Office Leasing
Roy Budgell
General Manager
416.756.1900 x 1101 Toronto Property Management
Jacquie Armstrong
Marketing Director
905.944.0128 Toronto Property Management
Kwonhee An
Accounting Supervisor
416.343.0078 Toronto Property Management