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Joe Almeida
Managing Director, Toronto West, Broker, Principal
905.283.2322 Toronto West Industrial, Office Leasing
Kevin Beaudry
Sales Representative, Principal
905.283.2327 Toronto West Consulting & Advisory, Industrial, Office Leasing
Baljinder Bedi
Project Coordinator
905.283.2371 Toronto West Construction Management, Project Management
Colin Bell
Sales Representative, Senior Associate
905.283.2335 Toronto West Office Leasing, Associations and Nonprofits
Anatasia Bemaul
Client Services Coordinator
905.283.2386 Toronto West Operations & Administrative
Jordan Boin
Sales Representative, Associate
905.283.2372 Toronto West Industrial
Thomas A. Bollum
Broker, Retail Group
905.283.2338 Toronto West Retail, Sales & Leasing
Charmaine Brooks
Sales Representative, Client Services Coordinator
905.283.2385 Toronto West Industrial, Land, Operations & Administrative
Sarah Campbell
Client Services Coordinator
905.283.2383 Toronto West Operations & Administrative
Patrick Campbell
Sales Representative, Principal, Vice President
905.283.2345 Toronto West Office Leasing, Sales & Leasing
Tom Clancy
Sales Representative, Principal
905.283.2388 Toronto West Industrial, Investment, Office Leasing, Sales & Leasing
Ryan G. Cunningham
Sales Representative, Principal
905.283.2384 Toronto West Industrial, Land, Sales & Leasing
Rebekah Dalziel
Sales Representative, Director, GTA Client Services
905.283.2344 Toronto West Office Leasing, Operations & Administrative, Sales & Leasing
Martin Dockrill, SIOR
Broker of Record, Principal, Chief Operating Officer, Global Operations
905.283.2333 Toronto West Industrial, Investment, Office Leasing
Warren D’Souza
Research Manager, Toronto Suburban Markets
905.283.2331 Toronto West Research
Sally Fitzpatrick
Sales Representative, Principal
905.283.2342 Toronto West Industrial, Investment
Jeff Flemington
Broker, Principal
905.283.2336 Toronto West Consulting & Advisory, Industrial, Life Sciences, Office Leasing
Todd Frith
Sales Representative, Retail Property Services Group
905.283.2346 Toronto West Retail, Sales & Leasing
Marinelle Garcia
Marketing Coordinator
905.283.2339 Toronto West Marketing, Operations & Administrative
Ankita Gupta
Client Services Coordinator
905.283.2373 Toronto West Operations & Administrative
Keren Gyan
Toronto West Office Administrator
905.283.2320 Toronto West Operations & Administrative
Devon Hayes
Client Services Coordinator
905.283.2343 Toronto West Operations & Administrative
David Hillis
Sales Representative, Principal
905.283.2393 Toronto West Industrial, Investment, Office Leasing
Anthony Hong
Research Analyst
905.283.2392 Toronto West Research
Lyndsay Hopps
Sales Representative, Principal, Vice President
905.283.2390 Toronto West Industrial
Hayden Jaworski
Sales Representative
905.283.2395 Toronto West Office Leasing
Emily Kaczynska
Client Services Coordinator
905.283.2328 Toronto West Operations & Administrative
Jason Kao, P.Eng, PMP
Project Manager
905.283.2397 Toronto West Project Management
Brent Kingdon
Principal,Vice President, Project Management Services
905.283.2325 Toronto West Project Management
Harrison Livermore
Sales Representative, Principal, Vice President
905.283.2387 Toronto West Office