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Working with Avison Young’s Property Tax experts creates a partnership where open dialogue leads to creative solutions to meet with your tax needs. Whether you have asked us to assist in providing accurate annual tax budgets or to lower an assessment and tax burden we will listen to your needs before developing a strategy to complete our assignment with you.

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Our process to helping you navigate your property taxes

In these changing times, your property taxes are a variable expense that must be reviewed. Expert advice and budgetary assistance can alleviate pressures and help guide your portfolio in the future and ensure that your property tax liabilities are at their lowest for 2022 and beyond.

How property assessments respond to changing market conditions varies greatly by asset class. We take an active role in influencing change through negotiations and assessment appeals to ensure you are only paying your fair share in an evolving market.

Pre-assessment roll consultation

Prior to the mailing of an assessment roll, Avison Young engages with the assessment authority to resolve issues with your pending assessment. These pre-emptive discussions entail completing a property valuation for tax purposes and initiating negotiations with the assessment authority on your behalf. This can lead to valuable savings prior to the establishment of the assessment roll instead of taking a defensive position and filing a formal complaint later.

Comprehensive assessment review

Avison Young begins our review process once the assessment notices have been mailed. During the review process Avison’s property tax experts will outline their opinion of a fair and equitable assessment for an individual property or portfolio to determine if there are adequate grounds to continue the complaint process through negotiations with the assessment authority and/or filing a formal complaint.

Formal complaint filing

Avison Young’s support staff carries extensive knowledge of the unique, and multi-step complaint filing requirements held by various municipalities across Canada. We will ensure the correct documents and fees are completed to formally file a complaint on your behalf by the regulated deadlines.

Pre-hearing negotiation

Many assessment appeals are settled prior to the hearing. This time period is used to create a dialogue with the assessment authority and begin the exchange of information, evidence, and determine the best sequence of your complaints to produce the best overall outcome for all your properties. Our experience and connection with the assessment authorities fosters ongoing good faith and relations for future assessment issues.

Evidence preparation and hearing representation

The formal presentation of evidence before the court tribunals ‘the Board’ requires a unique skill set. Participation in the formal hearings requires the gathering of evidentiary materials and other submissions for the assessment authority; reviewing municipal submissions; negotiations with the assessment authority; initiation of settlement or mediation meetings; and formal representation in the completion of a hearing before the Board. Following the formal hearing we will follow up ensuring the Board or notice of decision are correct and our clients receive the correct remuneration.

Court application services

Upon receipt of a formal decision from the Board, if you are unhappy with the result, there are appeal options to the Courts. Avison Young has collaborated with many law firms which specialize in property tax matters. We take the time to present you with various counsel options who fit your corporate style and work within your budget. We collaborate with counsel to review the initial decision and report any factual or judgement errors which would merit appeal to the higher Court.

Property tax budgeting and tax recoveries

We will work with you to establish short, medium, or long-term property tax budgets based on the unique characteristics of your property for the purpose of your purchasing, holding, disposition or development plans. Property tax review services are available to both owners and tenants for any of their needs.

News and updates

"Headwinds and Tailwinds"

Un résumé des opportunités et des défis auxquels sont confrontées les entreprises canadiennes aujourd'hui. Au cours des deux dernières années, nous avons vu la proposition de valeur aux clients, l'approche du marché, les besoins en matière d'emploi, la distribution et les complexités liées à l'inflation changer l'orientation des entreprises, comme jamais auparavant.

Alors que les entreprises gèrent les opportunités et les menaces, "Headwinds & Tailwinds" vise à aider les décideurs à répondre aux questions suivantes :

  1. Quels sont les principaux défis en matière de capital et d'exploitation que les propriétaires d'entreprise doivent savoir à quoi faire attention ?
  2. Si vous envisagez de vendre votre entreprise, quelles sont les données clés sur les conditions du marché, le calendrier et le meilleur positionnement ?
  3. Quelle est la capacité de mon entreprise à accéder à des capitaux pour se développer ou se recapitaliser, et quelle est la meilleure voie à suivre ?

Télécharger le rapport "Headwinds & Tailwinds" (en anglais seulement)

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Key Property Tax Services Contacts in Canada

Key Contacts for Property Tax Services in Canada

Chris Hartley

    • Vice-président sénior
    • Taxes et services fonciers
[email protected]

Adam Farley

    • Courtier immobilier
    • Taxes et services fonciers
[email protected]

Brendan Peacock

    • Courtier immobilier
    • Taxes et services fonciers
[email protected]

Laurel Edwards

    • Vice President, Property Tax Services
    • Taxes et services fonciers
[email protected]

Josh Carr

    • Vice President
    • Taxes et services fonciers
[email protected]

Stephen Cook

    • Senior Vice President
    • Taxes et services fonciers
[email protected]

Chaney Morkill, MIMA, Paralegal Lic.

    • Senior Vice President, Property Tax Services
    • Services d'évaluation et de consultation
[email protected]