Speed, Reliability, and Technology:  Investor Commercial Real Estate Valuations and Appraisals  

Commercial property appraisals are a crucial part of your real estate investment plan. Banks and lenders may require them. You rely on them to make informed decisions about your property portfolio. But too often, appraisals don’t work at the speed of real estate - and you’re left waiting for a report while opportunities don’t wait.  

That’s why you want to work with a valuation professional dedicated to getting you what you need, when you need it.  

At Avison Young Canada, we make sure you get the commercial real estate appraisal you need quickly and comprehensively. Our best-in-class technology speeds up the process while our personalized and responsive service walks you through every step.  It’s an appraisal process that provides true value.  

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How expert commercial real estate valuation services for investors works 

The commercial real estate valuation portion of the investment process can seem like a barrier between applying for a mortgage and getting it. But it is a key step toward financing, and when you work with the right partner, it can help you from taking on undue risk.


How do you evaluate the value of a commercial property?

This is a multistep process that involves both physical inspection, data collection, and legal analysis. At Avison Young, our process involves:

  • Sending an expert appraiser to the property to conduct an inspection
  • Analyzing the lease and other paperwork
  • Evaluating daily market data to establish more accurate comparisons and projections

How accurate and reliable are commercial real estate appraisals?

Very accurate, and made more accurate with the incorporation of current market data. Most commercial real estate appraisal reports will be roughly the same. But there are some key differentiators in making your choice. 

What makes one commercial property appraisal better than another?

The reports might seem similar, but the process and reliability will be different. Some of the key distinguishing factors include:

  • Speed. How quickly will your report get into the hands of the people requesting it? Your mortgage approval can hinge on this. You don’t want to be approved after the property is off the market. 
  • Reliability. Does your appraiser have a positive reputation with your banker? If you have an appraisal team that major banking institutions rely on, that can speed up the approval process. 
  • Services. This is a relationship business. Is your property advisor responsive, flexible, and there for you? Creating a true partnership makes a big difference. 
  • Technology. This is a paperwork-heavy process. Technology that can speed up the back-and-forth and simplify the every day eases stress and streamlines the process. 
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Commercial real estate appraisal services by an expert valuation team

At Avison Young Canada, we know what you need to make your real estate investment plans work. When you choose us as your partner, you work with a team of valuation professionals with years of experience and top industry relationships.


What do you get when you choose Avison Young Canada as your real estate appraisal professional?

  • Advanced appraisal writing technology
  • Quicker turnaround time
  • Consistency
  • Reliable results
  • A built-in level of trust from your banking institution
  • Real time data from every market
  • The highest level of service

The power of technology to get your reports into the hands of your bankers, faster. The reliability to have those reports trusted. The data to make the reports even more reliable. The expert appraisers to make sense of everything. The service that works alongside you, every day.

Your property isn’t just a building. It’s a key part of your financial future. We treat that with the seriousness it deserves.

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