Frédéric Mackay

Senior Analyst
Market Intelligence

  • Montreal
  • 1801 McGill College Avenue
  • Suite 500
  • Montréal, Québec H3A 2N4 Canada

In the real estate field since 2018, Frédéric established a strong foundation as an analyst, initially kickstarting his career in a rapidly growing commercial real estate agency. A staunch advocate for self-guided learning, Frédéric's journey in real estate prompted a deeper exploration into economics and finance driven by a desire to grasp the intricate correlations within the market and to further refine his analytical skills. His commitment to understanding the broader economic and financial context of real estate transactions added to the scope of his analysis.

Understanding the value of data and the delivery coming along with it, Frédéric joined Avison Young with comprehensive experience in the copywriting of market reports across all commercial real estate asset classes. His work is characterized by a keen passion for distilling complex information into lucid, compelling narratives, demonstrating a seamless integration of data and technology that is then passed on to brokers and investors across markets.


- Certificate in financial analysis (Institute of Trading and Finance), Montréal
- Certificate in data analysis and real estate (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), USA
- Diploma of college studies in Literature & Communication (Collège Montmorency), Laval, Québec