• AY offered us a collaborative environment where we have input and impact to build a tremendous culture, as well as a brokerage platform.

    Chip Watson, Principal, Avison Young (Atlanta)
  • Over the course of the last 26 years in commercial real estate in Los Angeles I have been blessed with great production and numerous awards and honors. But I think my greatest fortune was making the decision to join Avison Young and the incredible professionals who make up the organization. Now, more than ever in my long career, I really feel I am working within a culture that not only promotes great business, but also values that I ascribe to on a personal level. There is no doubt in my mind that I will finish my career with my new partners at Avison Young...and will be wealthier on many fronts for making that decision.

    Neil Resnick, Principal, Avison Young (Los Angeles)
  • Avison Young’s approach to the traditional brokerage model, which allowed me to partner with industry leaders such as Mark Rose and Earl Webb, provided one of the most unique and financially rewarding opportunities in my career.

    Peter Berk, Principal, Avison Young (Tysons Corner, Virginia)
  • The principal-based culture is exciting. It provides an extra level of accountability to clients as well as the opportunity to contribute to the direction of the company. The business plan encourages individual practitioners to seek out the best solutions for customers. The quality of talent that has come aboard, and senior management’s track record of delivering what they set out to do each year, is proof of the creativity and focus within the company. And it’s an extremely fun working environment!

    Jeff Flemington, Principal, Avison Young (Mississauga, Ontario)