Our Common Home

An educational hub at Lumen Christi Catholic Education Centre

Edmonton Catholic Schools purchased the 50th Street Atria Building to provide centralized division administrative services, consolidating six administrative sites into one location, and bringing together more than 300 ECSD employees under one roof for the first time since 1888.

Overall, the project was an immense success, achieving unprecedented levels of staff engagement while demonstrating how competent the ECSD project staff and subject matter experts are. As stated in the project vision: “Our common home is to be a unifying facility that will help us effectively deliver on our Catholic educational mission.”

Avison Young is pleased to confirm that the entire project was indeed a unifying process. The learnings will be embodied and transferred to the project staff and for the organization’s direction for decades to come. This will further benefit ECSD and its stakeholders in the form of a solid real estate asset that has increased in economic value by an estimated $18 million, based on the building improvements and current market conditions.

Moreover, by focusing on the reuse of existing building materials and systems, another $6 million was saved in the project process. This enhanced facility, completed with an emphasis on budget and reuse, has therefore achieved both financial and environmental success.

Reuse savings


Increased economic value



On schedule

Material (Reuse)

Reuse of existing building materials and systems:

  • Over 90% of doors and hardware
  • Over 75% of glazing assemblies
  • Over 50% of furniture
  • 100% of third floor tower furniture
  • 100% of meeting space product
  • Over 75% of ceiling grid and tile
  • 100% of atrium floor tile
  • 100% of washrooms fixtures
  • 75% of HVAC ducting and diffusers

Ultimately, this strategic reuse saved the project an estimated $6 million, while keeping an immense amount of material from the landfill and ensuring the project could be delivered on schedule.

Why "Our Common Home"?

Edmonton Catholic School’s decision to consolidate their centralized services into an educational hub is rooted in the principles of 'Laudato si’. It reflects responsible stewardship of resources, a commitment to decrease physical and carbon footprint, and the unification of administrative communities. This will ensure that the monetary resources intended for students are making it to classroom, rather than supporting old, inefficient, and crumbling infrastructure.

Key Measures
Functional layout that leverages building to support internal functions.
25% reported increase in employee satisfaction regarding departmental functionality over a three-year period (demonstrated through quantitative employee surveys). 10% reduction in OH&S cases through quality ergonomic furniture and design.
In process
Increased technological adoption for anytime anywhere learning.
10% decrease in troubleshooting IT related ticket submissions month over month.

Implementation of a measurement tool/model for identifying the impacts of IT investments.
In process
Maximized space utilization.
Ensuring maximum space utilization through rationalized design.
Increased operational efficiencies.
2% decrease in costs related to non-instructional infrastructure demonstrated through the comparison of year-over-year financial documentation. Updated procurement specifications prioritizing energy efficiency.
In process
Creation of division guidelines for administrative buildings.
Creation, distribution, and implementation of division guidelines for administrative buildings.
In process
Increased collaboration.
10% increase in designated space for collaboration over a three-year period.
In process
Grow relationships between departments.
10% increase of privacy and trust reported throughout each department over a three-year period. 25% increase in interpersonal relationship development reported across the division over a three-year period.
In process
Open access to the entire building.
100% non-territorial space.
Increased diversity and inclusion performance.
Augment existing resource groups for staff (diversity, inclusion, impact, etc.).

Successfully achieve a place in Alberta’s Top Employer competition year over year. Achieve a place on list for Canada’s Best Diversity Employers. Attain a place on list for Canada’s Top Employers for Young People.
Embed the Catholic faith throughout the building (expression of faith).
100% self reported increase of well-designed and integration expressions of faith throughout the building over a three-year period.
In process

Community. Connectivity. Space to grow.

ECSD is proud to play host of the opportunity to unify all their administrative staff under one roof, serving as a common space for the Division. This will create a more efficient and effective workflow and further enable collaborative opportunities with their community. With ample parking for staff and visitors, and extra space to host professional development events, the space will create deeper and more authentic connectivity… and future growth.

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