Business Sale and Debt Advisory

What we do

1) Debt advisory services. We provide debt advisory services to business owners looking for growth capital, debt refinancing, and restructuring solutions.

2) Assist in buying or selling a business. We provide “buy & sell-side” advisory to business owners on selling or transitioning their businesses. We work to find strategic or financial buyers and also assist in management buyouts or family transitions.

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How we can partner with you

We understand the needs of business owners, entrepreneurs, partnerships, and executives as they look to grow their business through accessing debt capital, buying a business, or the eventual sale of their business.

Our advisory team has over 25 years of experience working with mid-cap business owners to strategically grow or sell their businesses.

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Case studies

Aureus Energy Debt Advisory

  • Provides water handling & ESG solutions for the oil & gas sector in Canada and United States.
  • Worked with management on a capital program for 2022 growth.
  • Management executed on successful debt structure, unlocking additional 2022+ growth.
  • Debt solution provided $7 million more capital versus the current solution.

Chemfax Business Sale

  • 30 Year family-owned business that is a manufacturer and supplier of over 200 branded chemical products sold across Canada.
  • Ran an in-depth competitive process with offers received from both strategic buyers and private equity players in North America.
  • 7-Month process from start to finish.
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Our experience

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Big Marble Farms

35 Acre Greenhouse Advisor 2019

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Sunshine Greenhouse

17 Acre Greenhouse Advisor 2019

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Darvonda Nurseries

25 Acre Greenhouse Advisor 2019 - 2020

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Sunshine Greenhouse

10 Acre Greenhouse Expansion 2020

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Retail brand / Marketer advisor 2019

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Canada’s largest holiday Ag-tourism event - 4 Advisory Mandates 2018 - 2020

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Corporate Acquisition Financial Advisor - $50 MM

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Tamarack Valley

Asset Acquisition Strategic Advisor - $168 MM

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NuLoch Resources

Corporate Sale Financial Advisor $342MM

Report: Headwinds and Tailwinds

A summary of opportunities and challenges facing Canadian businesses today. Over the last couple of years, we have seen the value proposition to customers, approach to the market, employment needs, distribution, and complexities related to inflation change the direction of businesses, unlike any other recent time.

Download the Headwinds & Tailwinds report


As businesses navigate opportunities and threats, “Headwinds & Tailwinds” aims to help decision-makers with the following questions:

  1. What are some key capital and operational challenges business owners need to be aware of what to watch for?
  2. If you are considering selling your business what are key inputs on market conditions, timing and best positioning?
  3. What is my businesses ability to access capital to grow or recapitalize, and what is the best path forward?

Contacts principaux

James Heaps

    • Executive Vice President
    • Consultation et services-conseils
    • Conseil stratégique aux entreprises
[email protected]

Brandon Van Hal

    • Associate
    • Consultation et services-conseils
    • Conseil stratégique aux entreprises
[email protected]