John MacRae

Senior Consultant
Consultation stratégique Associations et OBNL

  • Halifax
  • 620 Nine Mile Drive
  • # 203
  • Bedford, NS B4A 0H4 Canada

Stewardship of Church Real Estate

John MacRae is a Senior Consultant who assists churches and other non-profit organizations that are preparing to sell, lease, or re-develop old or new church/non-profit sites.

John is active in his own church’s ministry, having developed the awareness of Spiritual Stewardship throughout Atlantic Canada.

Combining John’s spiritual awareness of stewardship with his commercial real estate experience throughout the years gives a unique perspective to churches and non-profits to maximize existing church sites that need to be:

•           sold

•           redeveloped

•           purchased

•           financed

•           leased

•           constructed

John’s real estate experience spans over 40 years through commercial real estate finance, development, sales and valuations.  John sees his work as his mission.