Filippo Berio

  • Location: Lyndhurst, New Jersey
  • Client: Filippo Serio
  • Size: 10,000 sf
  • Type of Project: Tenant Representation
  • Service Type: Interior Fitout Wayfinding and Branding
Filippo Berio settles in on time, giving applicable opportunity to restore and hand back their current space with no delay.
Already located in Lyndhurst, NEW JERSEY in a space that proved private office heavy, and had minimal natural light and high wall panels, the team expressed a restriction in their workflow. The decision was to relocate to an alternative space in the area that provided a blank canvas to reimagine a more promising space.
When developing a design direction and being that two of the global partners are based out of their location in Europe, an Italian design aesthetic reflective of the overall company’s success was key to this project. Managing their project out of pocket was quite important for them to build a progressive design within budget that would promise a much more creative execution than their current building standard space.
Our construction management team handled all the approvals, right down to the Type 1 fume hood that allows Filippo Berio to utilize their new state of the art test kitchen. This kitchen is used for the team to test all their olive oil, and of course cook pasta! A favorite feature of ours is the custom light fixture in the reception area designed and executed by our design and construction team.
We have taken into consideration partial glass fronts for management private offices and open collaborative workspaces with private amenity spaces for personal phone calls and conferences as needed. As many offices as possible are on the core walls to allow full light to spread from the windows into the open areas.