A rise in Ottawa’s Downtown office availabilities could spark changes to how space is utilized

Downtown Ottawa, fifteen-minute community, L 'esplanade Laurier, Canada Lands Corporation, 473 Albert Street, 360 Laurier Avenue West, office workplace
  • Evolution of the “new normal “ office workplace environment has created the potential for the design of a downtown Ottawa equivalent of the fifteen-minute suburban community.
  • The eventual release of L ’esplanade Laurier for sale by Canada Lands Corporation is an example of what might be possible when a full city block – within walking distance of Transit – comes to market.
  • The re-purposing of 473 Albert Street from office to residential and the recent acquisition of 360 Laurier for the same purpose will continue when the scale and cost of the opportunities line up.
  • The downtown Ottawa core will never “go away” it will just become a more attractive and vibrant place in which to live.

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