Queensbury Rules Tenant Story

Queensbury Rules Tenant Story April 29, 2022

Tenant Representation: Small business owners & entrepreneurs in Atlantic Canada live and breath their business everyday. They know their industry inside and out, their unwritten goals and their customers' needs like no other. What they may need help with is leasing out space to run their business. Avison Young’s Gerald Coleman specializes in Tenant Rep, helping his clients like Queensbury Rules Boxing Studio, by representing their rights and needs and bringing them forward to Landlords. His role is to make sure you get value for your money as a tenant signing a lease - to ensure you're paying a fair amount, to show you what other Landlords are offering for rental rates, rent levels for different areas of the city and what incentives you should expect from your Landlord. A Tenant Representative like Gerald is a dedicated person "in your corner" that brings you market knowledge & educates you so you feel confident to make the best decisions for your business. Someone that understands your rights inside of a lease and makes sure they fit your business needs - the hours of operation, capacity, zoning and anything else that allows you to do what you do best - run your business. Gerald was pleased to assist Queensbury Rules last year in finding their second home at 1565 South Park Street, Halifax, and successfully navigate the leasing process. Thank you, Julie & Laura for your trust!