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A new way of working is redefining the role of the workplace and how it supports culture, productivity, and employees. There is a strategic opportunity to deliver an exciting employee experience that supports your business goals through a more intuitive and purpose-driven workplace.

While distributed work styles require a new way of thinking and planning your space, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. With our deep expertise, we can help you make informed, defensible decisions to create a workplace that leverages flexible ways of working and inspires your biggest asset: your people.

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What we provide for our clients:

  • Gather employee insights
  • Strategic workplace visioning
  • Data-driven occupancy planning tools
  • Hybrid and growth modelling
  • Detailed space programs
  • Scenario development
  • Workforce growth planning
  • Test fits & strategy visualizations
  • Space type definitions & usage
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Change management strategies
  • Change toolkits & engagement plans

Change management

Projects with planned and structured Change Management are nearly 6 times more likely to achieve or exceed their project objectives.

We believe in the importance of employee engagement and the value it can create for your business. We understand that even the best laid plans are often met with resistance.

Effective change management makes greater change possible, increases the speed of adoption and results in increased return on investment. Our approach increases employee buy-in and engagement, creating positive experiences throughout the process. We work with your organization to embed change capacity and skills that benefit you long after we leave, so that the solution is sustainable over time.


Change management services:

  • Change strategies
  • Stakeholder alignment
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Change readiness assessments
  • Change toolkits & engagement plans
  • Communications support
  • Ongoing change team guidance
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Resistance/risk planning
  • Post-move assessment
  • Reinforcement strategies

Design advisory

Bespoke design suited to your needs.

Our workplace design fosters collaboration, allowing us to integrate an organization’s brand and values into the space itself. By working side-by-side with our clients we can create spaces that drive innovation, interaction, and growth.

We offer 3 levels of interior design services:

  1. Workplace Concepts provides detailed conceptual design to visualize and get buy-in on new workplace concepts;

  2. Design Management / Oversight service level allows you to work with your specified Interior Design Professionals ensuring design integrity throughout the design process;

  3. Full Interior Design Services level can support your design needs from stamped architectural construction drawings through design implementation services.


Design advisory services:

  • Concept design
  • Design principles
  • Furniture standards
  • Look & feel
  • 3D visualization
  • Design development
  • Construction documentation
  • FFE coordination
  • Graphic and environmental brand design
  • Construction administration
  • Site reviews

Getting ready to transform your office?

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Do employees want to go into the office more?

While research reveals that remote work does in fact work, we also know from a our study of Avison Young clients that there are certain activities workers would prefer to do in person. These include team building, corporate social events, training and development, as well as formal departmental/team meetings.

Workplace technology

We know the latest in office technology. Work with us to provide the best-in-class technology for your employees including: 

  • Audio visual
  • Digital signage
  • Microsoft Teams integrations in meeting rooms
  • Room and desk reservation software
  • Auto-sensor cameras in meeting rooms
  • Noise absorption panels
  • Multi-function desks
  • Completely wireless and seamless connection between physical and digital

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Case studies

Avison Young's global HQ showcase

Our global HQ showcase explores the ways we applied our multi-faceted and user-centric design thinking to our new HQ office, including:

  • Organizational and occupancy design with collaboration zones based on team structures
  • Wellbeing-focused technology and ESG standards including biophilic design
  • Custom branding elements


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