Our global headquarters | 222 Bay Street, Toronto

Welcome to our living lab

An exploration of best in class workplace strategies in our global HQ. 

Navigate the below, or scan the QR codes placed around our offices to learn more about the design philosophy and unique benefits of select features from our new office space.

What's a living lab?

We've taken the best and latest workplace design features and implemented them within our brand new office space. This experience allows us to walk-the-talk to experience how certain elements of the space make our people feel. By understanding more about what's working, and what could be improved in our own space, we can in turn provide a better experience for our people, our clients, and ideas to take their space to the next level.

The making of Project Unity

We named our new Toronto HQ build Project Unity for a reason. All our teams came together to create our space, under one roof.

Our community zones and town hall

With modern workplace amenities, employees can shape their work environment to suit their specific needs, enhancing their productivity and comfort.

Branding elements to remind us of our purpose

Brand touchpoints to strengthen our role as commercial real estate advisors.

Technology integrations every step of the way

Our space hosts the latest in office technology. From ceiling mounted presentation cameras, to connectivity.

Reinforcing our corporate ESG goals

Pursuing LEED and WELL certification ensures our Global HQ is aligned with our ESG goals.

Designing and building our new global HQ: On time, on budget, on strategy.