Viewpoints | Spring 2024


The ever-evolving dynamic of the places we work.
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Viewpoints Spring 2024

by Avison Young

Nothing beats the experience we get in an office. We’ve witnessed this evolve in recent years to match a new level of resiliency: how we work, where we work, and how we get to work has shifted.

Viewpoints is a series of articles and interviews about important current trends in commercial real estate, powered by leading experts and their unique perspectives. In this issue, we share insights into today’s work landscapes. Our contributors discuss the implications for those managing, occupying, or investing in these spaces, and how we're enhancing the daily work experience through thoughtful design.

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  • Principal, President, Canada
  • Avison Young


Coworking’s asset-light resurgence

A little flexibility outside of traditional leases is offering owners and landlords new options to fill vacant space. Creative deals that help both parties differentiate? It’s a win-win.


Neurodiversity: designing workplaces for inclusion

One in seven people worldwide identify as neurodivergent. Design workplaces that meet the needs of these individuals, helping them decrease stimulation and achieve critical respite throughout the day.


People behind the places: designing our own offices

Built for and by our people, our recent office redesigns reflect best practices of today, and possibilities of tomorrow. Living labs, these spaces help us learn, grow and see what resonates over time.


Taking up space: occupiers expanding

Office tenants not only increasing their space, but doubling and tripling their footprints? It’s happening. And more often than you might think.

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