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Poised for growth - Canada's life sciences sector in a post-COVID-19 world

As Canada comes out of the pandemic, the gradual improvement in economic conditions, increased demand for health care spending, aging demographics, and the nation’s focus on economic self-sufficiency in areas such as pharmaceuticals, all bode very well for the domestic life sciences sector.

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The Multiverse of Work

No single way of working was disrupted more or for longer by the COVID-19 pandemic than knowledge work. While corporate workplaces remain an indispensable tool, knowledge workers want a "Multiverse of Work," having both the flexibility to work remotely and a place to gather with coworkers, not either one or the other. But what does the research actually say about the merits of alternative work strategies?

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2021 National Outlook for Canada

Although the disruption of the pandemic has been a catalyst for innovation and change, uncertainty and trepidation will hang heavily on occupiers and investors alike.

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The X Factor

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