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We understand your need for trusted appraisals that are delivered quickly. Our team provides deep market intelligence on commercial real estate throughout Canada.

Our core appraisal services include:

  • Financing or refinancing
  • Sale or negotiation
  • Foreclosures & estate purposes
  • Construction or development
  • Market research & cash flow modeling
  • Lease arbitration or negotiation
  • Financial reporting


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Services overview

The current real estate market is demanding and complex due to major shifts in consumer and market trends. We provide more than just appraisal reports by ensuring our clients understand their investments and can make decisions quickly and confidently. Our collaborative & integrated principal led team approach helps ensure the best client service and fastest delivery times for all your appraisal needs.

Our approach is based on partnership, with our clients and across our company. The firm’s equity is in the hands of a broad base of principals, a unique ownership structure that creates the incentive for internal collaboration and aligns our solutions, first and foremost, with client objectives. Our principal-led structure places the priority on relationships, not just transactions; on long-term performance, not just the current quarter.

Market intelligence
We identify opportunities in the relevant markets.

Analysis & valuations
We carry out analysis and valuations and can also advise on real estate investment decisions.

Wide range of services
Specializing in analysis and negotiation of sale/leasebacks, rental arbitration, insurance valuations and brokerage services.

Added support
Our valuation team is made up of experienced professionals that handle valuations and higher profile services for our clients.

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Key valuation and advisory contacts

Andrew MacLeod, AACI, P.App

    • Senior Vice President & Practice Leader, Prairie Region
    • Valuation Advisory Services
[email protected]