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Jennifer Brown
Business Development
902.222.6394 Halifax, Moncton Sales & Leasing
Michael Brown
Managing Director
902.229.6179 Halifax, Moncton Investment, Sales & Leasing
Gerald Coleman
Sales Representative
902.454.6185 Halifax Retail, Sales & Leasing
Bill Greenwood
Senior Sales Representative
902.471.9631 Halifax Sales & Leasing, Property Management
William Hachey
Sales Representative
902.448.8988 Halifax, Moncton Sales & Leasing
Robert Jennings
Senior Sales Representative
902.422.3341 Halifax Industrial, Sales & Leasing
Kara Keough
Global Brand Strategist
Halifax, Toronto Marketing
Dave Kerr
Senior Commercial Advisor
902.476.7300 Halifax Hospitality, Sales & Leasing
Richard Landzaat
Senior Commercial Advisor
902.454.4110 Halifax Sales & Leasing, Corporate Finance
John MacRae
Senior Consultant
902.454.4110 Halifax, Moncton Strategic Consulting, Associations and Nonprofits
Alleah Parker
Sales Support and Creative Manager
902.221.3625 Halifax Marketing, Communications
Stéphanie Rouleau
Property Administrator
902.491.2910 Halifax Operations & Administrative, Property Management
Caleb Ryder
Sales Associate
902.802.8025 Halifax Office Leasing