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Jennifer Brown
Business Development
902.222.6394 Halifax, Moncton Sales & Leasing
Michael Brown
Managing Director
902.229.6179 Halifax, Moncton Investment, Sales & Leasing
Gerald Coleman
Sales Representative
902.454.6185 Halifax Retail, Sales & Leasing
John Fennell
902.454.6185 Halifax Development, Project Management, Sales & Leasing
Bill Greenwood
Senior Sales Representative
902.471.9631 Halifax Sales & Leasing, Property Management
William Hachey
Sales Representative
902.454.4110 Halifax, Moncton Sales & Leasing
Sue Hurshman
Vice President, Operations
902.491.2906 Halifax Project Management, Property Management
Robert Jennings
Senior Sales Representative
902.422.3341 Halifax Industrial, Sales & Leasing
Jolene Keats
Hospitality Investments and Capital Markets
+1 902 579 1245 Halifax Hospitality, Investment Sales
Kara Keough
Global Marketing Lead - ESG and Campaigns
Halifax, Toronto Marketing
Dave Kerr
Senior Commercial Advisor
902.476.7300 Halifax Hospitality, Sales & Leasing
Lloyd Kerslake
Senior Property Maintainer
902.499.7968 Halifax Property Management
Richard Landzaat
Senior Commercial Advisor
902.454.4110 Halifax Sales & Leasing, Corporate Finance
John MacRae
Senior Consultant
902.454.4110 Halifax, Moncton Strategic Consulting, Associations and Nonprofits
Stéphanie Rouleau
Property Administrator
902.491.2910 Halifax Operations & Administrative, Property Management
Sithara Santwan
Research & Administrative Manager
902.454.6185 Halifax, Moncton Research