Changes to Draft Clayton Corridor Plan

September 29, 2023

by Mike Harrison

City of Surrey staff has been hard at work on the new Clayton Corridor Plan and has just released the latest draft plan for public consultation. Feedback received from the initial draft plans presented in the Spring, included a need for more schools, suggestions to expand the plan boundary, and mixed feelings about maximum building heights with comments that they were both too tall and too short. Those comments were considered, culminating in the draft plan we have today.

The most notable changes to the new draft plan include:

  • Two new urban elementary schools, intended to be multi-storey with underground parking.
  • An expansion of the plan boundary in three locations including two proposed study areas south of Fraser Highway which will be “held in reserve” until a majority of the land north of Fraser Highway has been developed.
  • Increased building heights from 20 to 24 storeys in the High-Rise land use designation adjacent to SkyTrain stations.
  • Consolidation of the ‘Low-Rise’ and ‘Low to Mid-Rise Residential’ land use designations into a new ‘Low-Rise’ designation, which permits 4 to 6 storeys, where previously ‘Low-Rise’ was limited to 4 storeys; and
  • Expansion of the High-Rise land use designation area.

Updated Clayton Corridor Draft Land Use Plan


Source: City of Surrey

Proposed Locations of Additional Urban Schools

Source: City of Surrey

Location of 3 Expansions to the Plan Boundary


Source: City of Surrey

You can follow along with the Clayton Corridor Plan’s progress, take the City’s latest public input survey, find the schedule for the upcoming in-person events and read more about the draft plan at the City’s dedicated webpage linked HERE.

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