Township of Langley CACs Increase by More Than Double

December 22, 2022

By Mike Harrison

The new Township of Langley (TOL) mayor and council are wasting no time shaking up planning policies. The latest is a major amendment to the current community amenity contribution policy (CAC) which has increased CAC rates by more than double. The new policy also adds a new CAC for density sought above and beyond that outlined in an existing community plan.

At the November 14th council meeting, staff were directed to update the current CAC policy bylaw and present a reformed bylaw to mayor and council at the December 12th meeting. As scheduled, the new bylaw was presented at the December 12th meeting and after a brief discussion which resulted in an amendment truncating the phase-in period of the increase, the bylaw was adopted. Here's what you need to know about the new policy.


The base CAC rates are increasing by 142-170%

The new base CAC rates replace the previous rates approved in July 2018 and apply to all new residential development requiring Council’s approval. The table below compares the TOL’s previous per unit CAC rates with the new rates approved on December 12th which will be phased in over two trenches, in 2023.
Township of Langley CAC Rates
Source:Township of Langley

There is a new Bonus Density CAC

Similar to other municipalities, the Township of Langley now has a fixed-rate bonus density CAC which will be charged for any residential development which seeks a density above that which is prescribed in the existing community plan or neighbourhood plan. These rates are charged in addition to the base CACs and are as follows.  
Township of Langley Bonus Density CAC
Source: Township of Langley

CLICK HERE for the Township of Langley’s webpage dedicated to explaining the new community amenity contributions along with access to the entire policy if you’d care to dig deeper.  

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