Automne 2023 | Article 01/04

Qu’est-ce que la valorisation sociale ?

La valorisation sociale signifie plusieurs choses pour de nombreuses personnes. Nos experts discutent des moyens de positionner l’immobilier commercial en appui à la valorisation sociale.

We believe in having the best ESG practices without paying a premium. While achieving the LEED and WELL certifications can certainly be challenging from an change management standpoint, we recognize the importance of it to attract and retain top talent which is core to our company as we are “Powered by people”.

Our project is LEED and WELL certified by the Canada Green Building Council. In fact, our office building is the only WELL-certified building in all of Toronto. Energy-efficient lighting, recycled materials, and waste reduction strategies are integrated into the design, aligning with our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint. Ensuring sustainability in our old office diversion plan, items and furniture not retained from our old office were donated to United Way, documented in our LEED report. 
Seemingly intangible benefits that the LEED and WELL certifications mandate includes high air filtration, natural and artificial lighting quality, and quality material sourcing. These details may go unnoticed by most but make a significant difference to the productivity and wellbeing of employees. The office also prioritizes employee wellness with ergonomic furniture, sit/stand desks, comfortable seating, and many work point options which encourages movement. 
We celebrate DEI by designing spaces that respect and reflect our diverse workforce. Cultural inclusivity is embraced through culturally relevant artwork, meditation/prayer room, and spaces that accommodate various cultural practices. We are also proud to say that our project management team for the office consisted of 80% females, a rare team composition especially within the industry.

Portraits of progress

To read more about our ESG work, please read our 2022 Global Impact Report where you will read about our people behind big initiatives. Everything we do has the potential to create value for people in their communities, and we’re just getting started.

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