Our global headquarters | 222 Bay Street, Toronto

Technology integrations every step of the way

Our space hosts the latest in office technology. From ceiling mounted presentation cameras, to connectivity.

We recognized that if we wanted to be best-in-class, we needed the best-in-class technology.

We have integrated state-of-the-art technology to facilitate seamless communication and productivity. Essential functions include advanced meeting room technology (auto-sensor cameras, Microsoft Teams integration, high quality speaker and microphone system). All throughout our office we have soundproof wall panels to absorb sound within the open-concept space, and sit/stand tables for every desk. 

We utilize the platform Condeco for a seamless desk and meeting room booking experience, ensuring maximum flexibility for the employees and capacity for the office.   
Our value of technology is on full display with our large TV wall in the front foyer, spanning ___ inches and is used to highlight brand content and office events. Another TV is placed in the kitchen area with news running to offer further stimulation and energy.

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