Fleetwood Plan Receives Updates and New CAC

November 1, 2023

by Mike Harrison

At the October 30th council meeting, Surrey’s mayor and council approved a handful of updates and changes to the Stage 1 Fleetwood Plan including amendments to land use, transportation, parks and amenity fees. These changes are a result of ongoing planning work following Stage 1 approval of the Fleetwood Plan in March of 2022.

Highlights of the changes include:

  • Expansion of the 152 Street SkyTrain station, adding a second entrance on the east side of 152 Street. This is largely the driver for the new Rapid Transit Community Amenity Contribution (CAC) fee discussed later.
  • A new Rapid Transit CAC of $1,750 per unit which will be levied against all residential development in the Fleetwood Plan.
  • Land uses given to the plan expansion areas southwest of 156 Street and 86 Avenue and the area northeast of 88 Avenue and 164 Street.
  • Five proposed locations for urban schools
  • Expansion of the Low to High Rise Transition areas surrounding the 152 Street SkyTrain station
  • Expansion of the Low Rise (apartment) designation around the intersection of Fraser Hwy and 156 Street as well as along Fraser Hwy to the East.
  • Adjustments to the proposed road network, including relocations and eliminations.

Amended Fleetwood Land Use Map

Map of proposed land use in Fleetwood in the Fraser Valley British Columbia  

Source: City of Surrey, Corporate Report R162.

What to expect next

By endorsing the Fleetwood Plan Update, Mayor and Council have given City staff the green light to continue with stage 2 planning work. This includes utilities services studies, traffic impact assessments, development of urban design guidelines, and more. A final Stage 2 plan is expected to be brought to council next year for consideration.

Read the new draft plan.

Read the entire corporate report presented to council at the October 30, 2023 council meeting.

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