Surrey approves draft vision for new Clayton Corridor Plan

September 6, 2022

By Mike Harrison

With the new Surrey-Langley Skytrain planned along Fraser Highway through the Clayton neighbourhoods on the east side of Surrey, direction was needed for a neighbourhood plan that supports rapid transit. On July 25, 2022, City Council approved a draft vision for this new plan area which marks one of the first major steps towards building a new transit-oriented community. The recently approved draft vision is the result of the first phase of public engagement from earlier this year.

Clayton Corridor Plan
Image source: City of Surrey

The draft Clayton Corridor Plan boundary (see map) covers approximately 277 acres along Fraser Highway from 72 Avenue in the West to 192 Street in the East encompassing both planned Skytrain stations at 184 Street and 190 Street. You’ll also notice that this new plan boundary overlaps the following NCP’s: West Clayton, East Clayton, East Clayton Transit Oriented Area, North Cloverdale East and North Cloverdale West so we can expect to see amendments to those plans in the near future.

Along with the plan itself was an interim development policy document intended to provide clarity for development that may be pursued prior to the completion of the new Clayton Corridor Plan. Highlights of this interim policy include:

  1. Applications along Fraser Highway within an approved Stage 1 plan which are less than 6 stories and less than or equal to 2.5 FAR will be considered.
  2. Once the Stage 1 Secondary Land Use Plan for Clayton Corridor is approved by Council, applications consistent with that plan will be considered.
  3. Applications consistent with the new Secondary Plan will not receive final adoption until the State 2 plan is approved by Council.
  4. CAC rates and phasing will be borrowed from the policies which apply to the nearby Fleetwood area until a CAC policy is finalized (typically towards the end of the planning process) for the Clayton Corridor Plan.

You can follow the planning process for the new Clayton Corridor Plan through the City’s dedicated web page here.

To read the full report to council on the Clayton Corridor Plan and Interim Development Policy, click here.

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